URANUS in a HOUSE kind of flip flops the purpose of the house. Basically, it takes the house and makes it cray. I wrote the first part of this on Facebook a couple weeks ago, and added more to each one, for all your google search needs:) These are my own words, so I appreciate no one taking them and making them their own. They may or may not be completely true of you, depending on your own opps, squares, trines and sextiles to URANUS.

(For another perspective you can read these for the sign your Uranus falls in, as well, though some things will slightly differ. Remember that Uranus moves slowly, so all of your peers have their Uranus in the same sign, just different houses)

In my (Alyssa’s) words, URANUS is the sign of ACCEPTANCE. He’s confused, he’s different, he’s innovative and genius, but he deeply wants someone to love him and ACCEPT him for all of uniqueness. Can we be so completely different from each other and still also loved by each other? That is the question. We find the answer to that, and we will also find peace inside ourselves. 

URANUS falls in one of the following 6 natal houses to teach the individual how to accept themselves as unique and to show them that they can’t go it alone. These people have a creative mission to do, and it will be made easier with the supportive help of a partner (business or romantic):

1st house (Ruled by Aries). Your personality is original and different—uniquely hilarious. You can feel a little bi-polar with this placement, and some even bi-sexual, but for the most part you have two different personalities, and you have learned to utilize both of them. Now, if you could learn to love both of them, and accept that others don’t always “get” your humor, you might be able to avoid hurt feelings all around you. “Hurt people hurt people,” so it might feel like people are trying to attack you for no reason. This is the comedic placement, one that everyone around you will enjoy, but it can be hard to keep relationships, as husbands and wives don’t like dealing with unpredictable mood swings. Working on yourself, defining your goals, and allowing constructive criticism from people that you love can be beneficial. 

2nd house (Ruled by Taurus). You run from security, walls and money like it’s your job. Maybe these things were taken from you, and so you just have learned to live in the chaos, and now it seems to be something you have let define you. Sometimes these people can end up hoarding money in their bank accounts and living in shacks or even being homeless. Don’t allow yourself to live so deeply in chaos that you avoid past lessons. History always repeats itself, and so it is good to look into the past. You can become addicted to going your own way, and sometimes allowing someone else to ground you, can give you the true freedom you really desire. 

3rd house (Ruled by Gemini). You may never say a word for shits and giggles, and then you might turn around and play the devil’s advocate. School was normally really exciting for you, but you could never communicate correctly the first time, so you learned to just laugh at yourself, and purposefully say crazy things. You’ve gotten used to being funny and silly, though you know you are truly smart and ingenious, so don’t allow people to take advantage of that. You might be used for the wrong thing, as you haven’t figured out how to communicate what you really want out of life. You probably have a favorite quote or picture, and getting that tattooed on you is something that seems like the right idea—that is, if you haven’t already done it. Accepting other people’s point of view is also really important, don’t get lost in your own genius mind.  

4th house (Ruled by Cancer). You lack the nurturing capabilities. Home was never a real home for you, so you have set yourself out on a journey to find it (or avoid it). In fact, living at home might have felt like a job to you, as your parents might have put you on a stage—like modeling or acting at a young age. It seems that every time you are about to settle down, something happens and you are forced to be a nomad, crashing on couches, or just fighting off crazy family members and psycho exes. Remember that touch is an important lifeline, so go out of your way to ask for and receive touch, and give it to those that look lost, no matter how awkward that part of life is to you. Learning to accept basic nurturing, will in turn, help you bring more of it to your life. 

5th house (Ruled by Leo). Having fun takes on a whole new meaning with you. Sometimes your idea of fun is lame to everyone else, but expressing your creativity is bound to break rules, however you look at it. Normally you are very particular about what you put on your body, but you feel the need to express your creativity in a fun, flirtatious way—so many very tattooed people have this placement. It can be said that you have fun cleaning and organizing, as adult things are exciting to you, so sometimes you feel at a loss when it comes to thinking of things to say to children. You normally talk to kids the way you would talk to adults, and as a kid, you probably wanted someone to talk to you like you were an adult, and they did. Basically, you begged to be an adult when you were a child, and that wish was granted, so now that you’re here, you wish you could be a kid again. Asking for help from others is important, you might be able to do things yourself, as you always have, but this time you don’t have to. 

6th house (Ruled by Virgo). Sitting at a desk in a cubicle sounds like torture, or just hell. Or both. You are normally very messy when you work, but you seem to know where everything is, as your brain is not made of boxes, but actually a giant, interconnected web. You feel like you could be a great inventor, and might have created many different things in your time on earth. You probably have great ideas about losing weight, and then you go on Taco Bell binge eating vacations. You like to challenge tried and true ideas, and believe your own insight should be heard, but might have a problem building a platform to stand on. When you get really involved in a project, make sure to remember to eat, sleep and shower. You can get physically and mentally (abnormally) sick when you avoid your own needs. Outside stability is really beneficial for you, don’t pretend that you can do it all by yourself. 

URANUS falls in one of the following 6 natal houses to teach the individual how to accept themselves for who they are. Only after the individual learns this, does URANUS allow them to change the world around them. These people have a creative mission to do alone. Asking for someone else to make it easier for them, always makes things harder:  

7th house (Ruled by Libra). You demand love from someone unconventional, if you’re going to settle down at all. You feel that you’re so simple and normal, that you must choose a mate that is the opposite of that—sometimes these people might actually choose you, as well. What you don’t know is that no one is “normal” least of all you, and these partners you choose, are actually a reflection of your own inner crazy. Allow them to help you uncover your true self, and then allow yourself to accept what is found there. Don’t get a superiority complex on your partners, acting as the “straight man,” when in fact, your decision in choosing a partner speaks volumes about your own hidden freak flag. Also, remember that staying in a relationship with someone who is actually crazy, is not healthy. You might get a hero complex, where you believe that you can save someone, but mostly the crazy drags you right down with it, and you both lose. 

8th house (Ruled by Scorpio). Life might be quite the process of letting go of the crazy things that happened in your past. The 8th house jails the planet inside of it, making the planet relive the same thing over and over again, never allowing it find it’s grown up expression in the outside world. This can make you feel like reliving the past is enough for you, so you never actually go out and experience new things—afraid that they might be even more insane. Don’t get addicted to therapy, in the way of substance abuse, teacher/student relationships, or actual therapy. It’s good to do these things for a little while, but then you have to experience real life. Spending your life in a self-made jail cell, when you’re not actually forced to be in one, is no life at all. Anything in the 8th, especially Uranus is actually great for those who want to write, or create, you just have to pull the trigger and move yourself forward.

9th house (Ruled by Sagittarius). School sucks. You are smarter than the system. You’ve spent your whole life telling people that you just can’t “do school” and they always tell you that you are lying to yourself, and that you’re too smart to not go learn. Rest easy, you are not lying to yourself. If your 10th house is your career, and the 9th house is the only way to get you there, you need to get creative and open up new routes to achieve your dreams. Don’t avoid the 9th house lesson, just because a college or university is not for you, and don’t waste your money on things that you instinctually know will wall you in. The 9th house is about freedom and so many of us spend a lot of our years accepting the cage. Break free of the cage, but don’t lose yourself to freedom for freedom’s sake, you may never find your life’s purpose that way. Inner balance is key here.  

10th house (Ruled by Capricorn). You might get a neck tattoo, because having a normal career doesn’t make any sense to you anyway. You might lie about yourself on social media, because you feel that if you can make someone believe something about you, the power of attraction will make it so. You are constantly trying to teach others how to accept you, without “Changing for anybody”—you’re right, you don’t have to change for people, but work hard on being who you WANT to be, not just the devil’s advocate, and DON’T try to make people change for you. You need to allow yourself to have a career, don’t sell yourself short just because you haven’t found a mold to fit in to. When it’s all said and done, you will find that you’re the one who doesn’t accept the world, not that the world doesn’t accept you.  When you see that, you will learn how to make the correct changes to yourself (not just for creative expression, but also personal betterment) and to the world as we know it.

11th house (Ruled by Aquarius). Finding people that accept you for who you are, seems to be your biggest challenge, but actually the acceptance from within yourself is much more overlooked with this placement. Most of your current friends you have known your whole life, and you hate the idea of finding new ones, so you do appear to be standoffish (subconsciously). In the 21st century, you will probably meet most of your new friends on the internet, so you can keep people from getting close to you, as you probably felt like a loner most of your life, and have these deep seeded insecurities about acceptance. If a blind date was your only option to meet your spouse, you would rather be alone forever, as you are generally afraid of people who you have never met. There are plenty of people (outside of the internet) who already want to know you, you just have to allow them in, before you jump to conclusions about their bad intentions with you. And when you do accept yourself first, and allow for real friendships, even when they hurt, you will find that your networking skills can take you much further than you would have ever dreamed.

12th house (Ruled by Pisces). Most likely, one of your parents put a lot of psychological limits on you, to the point where you always have to face these mental blocks. You kill yourself inside just to break through, and it seems impossible. You know you could bend spoons with your mind, if you could just get off the crazy pills. You pretend to be logical and analytical, so that you don’t scare anyone away, but that’s not who you are. You are different minded through and through, and the world needs you to accept yourself for who you really are, not who you think you are supposed to be—your physical or mental health might suffer otherwise, and new ideas will cease to be born from your subconscious. 

Feel free to comment with your own ideas. Or buy a reading from me at alyssasharpe.com to hear more about yourself.

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Quick Synastry Lesson

Trines/Sextiles (blue lines) in a Synastry chart are nice. Except when someone’s Pluto (control) is trining your Moon (emotions). Or your Neptune (delusion) is trining their Sun (embodiment of their being). Or countless other things, that may blind you to the fact that the person you’re with is actually quite sucky, and trying to ruin your life to some extent.

Sun trine Moon, Moon trine Venus (love), Venus trine Mars (passion), now those are nice trines. Your two planets working in harmony.

If you have a planet that is unaspected by the other person, then you probably feel like that part is ignored, and you should work with your partner to make it better. My sister, Jane, and I, in the chart linked (I’m on the inside in blue), both have our moons unaspected. We have a hard time being nice to each other when it counts. It’s really hard to see why certain things make her sad, and vice versa.

Someone’s Mars conjunct one of your angles (AC, MC, IC, DC) can make that person feel like they own you, and you will feel owned. Because Mars is the “me first”planet, it also shows ownership in a Syanstry chart. If your Mars was conjunct my IC, you would think that my family belonged to you, since that also means my MC opposes it, I would try and take it back on a public stage/forum.

If someone has an arrogant quality like Mercury (logical mind) conjunct Pluto, or a sexual quality like Mars square Venus in their natal chart, see how you aspect it to understand where you fit. Neptune Sextile a Mercury/Pluto conjunct could make you believe in that person’s controlling mind, and that’s only bad, when it’s controlling you. If your lover is sexual, but you’re not getting laid, maybe your Saturn (restriction) aspects their Mars.

I learned from a friend that someone’s Saturn conjunct your AC, is when that person restricts your personality so much, that you lose yourself to them. So that might be something to fear.

Easy way to read the aspects between two people:
Square= quick action/anger
Opposition= ambivalence/trying to meet in the middle OR only one has the upper hand.
Trine= perfect harmony, unbeknownst to you
Sextile= nice energy/happiness you are aware of
Conjunction= total faceoff between the planets.

In the example chart:

1) Jane’s (the red) Saturn trines my (blue) Venus. Unbeknownst to us, Jane restricts my loving capabilities. Of course there are a few conjunctions there, but not necessary to point out here, right now. 

2) My Jupiter (expansion/luck or where you are blessed) is square Jane’s Sun. My “abilities” get angry with who Jane is, and I take quick action trying to force her to do the things I want. Jane’s Jupiter is also squaring my sun, so the same is true in reverse, and because the Sun is strong, we both revolt against the other’s Jupiter. 

3) My Pluto almost conjunct’s her Mercury, which still counts some. I try to make Jane think what I think, and so she feels she must fight me with her words. Another way to see it, is that I strongly activate Jane’s mental awareness when I am around her. 

It’s important to note that you can work through certain things, as long as both parties WANT to. I do not subscribe to the theory that some things can’t be fixed. I believe that some people just aren’t willing to put in the effort. Find someone who wants to put the effort in for you. 

Anyway, to get a chart like this, go to ASTRO.COM, make sure the pull down menu says Synastry chart.

I won’t be answering any questions relating to your charts, I just wanted to help those who are interested in learning new information for themselves. Knowledge is power:)


ADD ON NOTE: I say in the beginning that trines are NOT always good, so remember that. It’s a lot of that “unbeknownst to you” stuff that can make someone restrict (saturn), or control (pluto) you, without your knowledge. Sometimes you might want it, but sometimes you ;ay dying, and you never did a thing with your life, because your spouse made sure you never did.

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About Capricorn.


Capricorn is linked to fate and destiny because it is ruled by Saturn which is a very faithful planet which tests us to the MAX but promises success in the end like pressure creates diamonds. I believe wherever someone has Capricorn in their chart they will succeed in that area because Capricorn…

And there is a shout out to me!:) 

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Jupiter in Cancer Transit

My own interpretation based on discovery:

Jupiter entered Cancer on June 25th, 2013, and will leave July 16th, 2014. On November 7th, Jupiter went Retrograde, and will continue that stopped motion until March 6th.

Check what house Cancer is in for you, because you are probably feeling like that house was blown wide open (Jupiter=Expansion).

It’s been bouncing between the 4th (home) and 5th (children) for me, and my husband’s 4th. This is wonderful, because of our baby, but sad because it puts such a focus on our family and home, and sometimes you just want to experience the small focus in that area. I know a child with it on her MC, (where it stopped as soon Jupiter went Retro, and will stay there till March). She’s had too much exposure these past few months, and it will continue it’s journey through her 10th house till July.

Since Jupiter is in Cancer, there are also a lot of families getting bigger through marriages, and babies. A sense that we all need to be together, and closer to each other.

The point here is that while Jupiter is retrograde, it wants you to think about a lot of these things. It stopped where it stopped for a reason. Cancer is going to affect your home, whether it’s in the 4th house or not, but look at your astro house to see what else it’s doing there.

If it’s exposing your skeletons, maybe it’s time to clean house or just change your path. Or maybe even pick away at some of that stored up bad karma. You can’t hide it anymore. I guarantee, everyone can see it now…

Of course, you must also know this IS the time to think about your family. What you want with them, how much you love them, whether or not kids should be a part of your life. And if things are looking beautiful in your home, just bask in the awesomeness!

Always remember to not do anything foolish here, because again, everyone is looking, and we all know that home is where we keep our bullshit. 

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Cancer Midheaven

/Medium Coeli and Capricorn Imum Coeli

I wanted to make a tag along blog to the video I just made, because seriously, sometimes I go on rants and forget things. And I can’t remake every video every time I make one, this just helps me live in my OCD perfectionistic world a little bit more. 

So your Cancer Midheaven or Medium Coeli, or just MC, is a very interesting placement.

When Libra is rising or your personal ascendant, it is in it’s detriment. Basically, your relational sign (Libra/7th House Ruler) is in your House of Self (Aries/1st House Ruler). You are giving when you should be getting. Taking when you should be giving.

Normally, and not always—because sometimes you can have a Libra Rising and Leo MC—but most likely, you then also have a Cancer MC/Capricorn IC, which are also in their detriment. 

I’ve talked before about how I hate saying “detriment” because then people assume that they are doomed. Which is not the case. You are not doomed because your chart is completely backwards. You are just pleasing when you should be selfish, and selfish when you should be pleasing. You have had a hard life, but you don’t want people to know, so you get no release. 

So here with a Capricorn IC, you have the house of nurture playing paddycake with the sign of Saturn. Your dad AKA Saturn, hates playing paddycake, so he yells at you and tells you to clean your room. But you’re just a child. More often then not, in these cases, your mother either becomes your father figure, because your father left and she never remarried, or your father takes on the mothering role as your own mom is kind of the “non-nurturing” type. There is a distant or strained relationship with your nurturing parent, if you have one at all. 

This is because, your mother house is loaded up with your father sign. And with that, family issues are key in your upbringing, and your own personal family is constantly teaching you things. Because Saturn teaches.

So, when you are out in the world, shining like the diamond you are, people won’t always give you the kind of attention that you so desperately seek. And then you are afraid to ask for it, because it is a sign of weakness. And weakness is punished. So you feel alone, and the world feels cold, and you just want some deep reassuring warmth that says, “You are okay. You did good. You are strong. You are smart. You worked hard and you DESERVE a break. I want to take you home.”

You do deserve a break. You deserve warmth. You deserve good things. You deserve a home. 

So what do you have to do to feel that? 

Well, hopefully you will learn that there are some people that you can rely on. People that will give you what you need. People will let you down, but the promise of your purpose is to be a caregiver to all, and so you need those that can refuel you. Ditch the drainers, those that can take care of themselves just fine. You need to actively try and take what you need. Don’t be afraid to ask of people, especially if they ask of you. 

Learn that your parents are not allowed to guilt you into caring for them. You have a greater sense of love to give. A kind of nurturing that can and should be seen by the whole world. And so don’t bottle this up, because people can snap. You can snap. And that’s not fair to you, you don’t deserve that fate. 

Your true purpose is to share your light with the world and to adore, and be adored, but it won’t mean a thing from a million people—it will always leave you feeling empty, without those who truly love you, for you, and that you can love right back. 

Having the Midheaven in Cancer is your journey, not mine, and I’m not a scholar or going to give you any sort of advice other than that. But understanding that you are not alone, might be the first step in taking care of you. 

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In the club with my shades on. Tatted up with my J’s on. #juicyj #miley #23 #thegreatest #jordans #mikeylikesit #Remy

In the club with my shades on. Tatted up with my J’s on. #juicyj #miley #23 #thegreatest #jordans #mikeylikesit #Remy

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North and South Node

I figured I should start writing my thoughts on Astrology here. Here’s to a new start with this blog. Let’s see if I can keep it up. 

Do you know what the North/South Nodes are? In easy to understand terms:

North Node of the moon, which is normally depicted by a Horseshoe or lowercase “n” looking icon in your chart, is where we need to grow, and what challenges we will have to overcome in this life.

I really believe, just like the planets and astroids, it’s best read in the context of your own chart, as the house placement, is sometimes more important than the sign placement, but should be read together. Also, other planets there determine it’s true potential. 

The South Node is directly opposite—normally not defined in your chart picture, is what we have already cultivated. What we seem to instinctually understand. In another life we have already learned it’s lessons.

For Example, my North Node is in my 2nd house in Taurus. I’m learning to be stable, and comfortable, at the same time as learning not to be too attached to my material surroundings. It’s a pain in the ass, because my moon is also there, making me extra attached. I’m always broke, and I never make enough money, and when I do, I lose it. If I think about money, I cry. No lies here. So I don’t think about it, which is a lesson I am learning. 

My South Node, then being in the 8th in Scorpio, means that I have already cultivated the ability to understand intimacy and death. I have already learned and understood things like astrology, the occult, and the afterlife. 

In my life, Saturn is also there with my South Node. This is funny to me, because it still means I am faced with challenges pertaining to the 8th in Scorpio. But, I like to think that knowing is half the battle, and working through it, only makes it that much greater. Like Kelly Clarkson said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you strongerrrrrrrrr.”

I am thankful that I have a job, even if it doesn’t pay me anything, where I can talk about Astrology, and other things I understand. It makes perfect sense, actually. I do hope that one day, I can actually afford new clothes, but I’m learning to know that they are not important, and happiness comes from within.

It was all written in the stars…

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Wide awake one minute. Crabby the next. Snug as a bug in a rug, the next. Bug What? #cutestboyintheworld

Wide awake one minute. Crabby the next. Snug as a bug in a rug, the next. Bug What? #cutestboyintheworld

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I really enjoy listening to Alyssa Sharpe, who is constantly making youtube videos about astrology. She usually goes on really controversial (but truthful) comical rants about each signs but, this series called “what I love about _____ sign” (this video is on my sun sign, Gemini!) shows a softer side of her awesome self. She is hilarious! you should check her out & enjoy a good laugh while nodding with agreement. :)


you can find her video about your sign here!

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First Selfie with Remy. He’s 6 hrs in this picture. #babyboy #love #newborn #leo #libra

First Selfie with Remy. He’s 6 hrs in this picture. #babyboy #love #newborn #leo #libra

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First Instagram of my 32 hour old Leo charmer. Looks just like his daddy:) #leo #newborn #Ariesrising  #astrology #handsome

First Instagram of my 32 hour old Leo charmer. Looks just like his daddy:) #leo #newborn #Ariesrising #astrology #handsome

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Tired of waiting, not too tired to have insomnia. Sketching Marilyn with a mechanical pencil. #sketch #Marilynmonroe #rough #Pregnant #pastmyduedate

Tired of waiting, not too tired to have insomnia. Sketching Marilyn with a mechanical pencil. #sketch #Marilynmonroe #rough #Pregnant #pastmyduedate

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I propped my painting up to figure what I needed to fix, and Apollo decided to sleep by his likeness. Adorable:) #puppy #sleeping #painting #schnauzer #unfinished

I propped my painting up to figure what I needed to fix, and Apollo decided to sleep by his likeness. Adorable:) #puppy #sleeping #painting #schnauzer #unfinished

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Snow Balls

When I was 20, we had these members of my church’s intercessory prayer team, pray over me and those that I volunteered with. I remember there were 3 women, and they went around trying to “Hear from God” on what to say to each one of us.

I listened as these women seemed to know the hearts of my peers, and prayed desperate prayers for their specific needs. 

But then it came to me. And in all actuality, I knew that I was hard to pray for. I had been told this by many “Good Christians”. 

The first two women were stumped, laughed, and made up a generic prayer about my young womanhood and challenges of purity that I will face.  

The last woman openly admitted to me that she was blocked. But she tried. She cleared her mind, and then she said,

"Snow balls."  

I stared at her.

"Does that mean anything to you?"  

I shook my head.

"Millions of Snow Balls? 

I stared at her. 

She closed her eyes and said “Snowballs.” 

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life trying to find my snow balls.


I think I found them.

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